What are Asbestos Floor Tiles?

Jan 1st

In this post I’ll show you about asbestos floor tiles. Contractors and manufacturers use asbestos as an ingredient in a wide variety of building materials before it became known that exposure to asbestos can cause serious health problems such as lung cancer and mesothelioma. floor tiles installed before 1981 are likely to include asbestos fibers, sometimes in concentrations as high as 70 percent of total weight.

Asbestos Floor Tiles
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While building owners may consider removing or covering asbestos floor tiles, floor is not dangerous to humans unless it is damaged and releases fibers into air. Cupboard normally asbestos tiles that show no signs of damage. Avoid corner kick tiled or act in a way that can damage floors. Take cautious steps on asbestos flooring with light damage, such as cracks or chipped corners. Stay away from damaged tiles to prevent degradation of soil.

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Plan your steps carefully in soils with asbestos floor tiles badly damaged, especially if tile damage caused to flake or crumble into dust. Stick to tiles uninterrupted sections if any is present. Lift your feet completely off ground and place them down as evenly as possible to avoid kicking up dust and fibers. Avoid breathing dust and fibers by holding a cloth over mouth or wear a face mask designed to protect against particles.

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Covering asbestos floor tiles,

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