Palladian Window Treatments Ideas

Jan 28th

Palladian window treatments classically defined as a group of three rectangular windows with a bow in the center window. Variety is one large and two small arches, or style skylight above large arches three windows. Today the term is used to describe any high rectangular windows topped with a bow. Designer Caroline Clifton-Moggs said Reviews These windows make a focal point in the room and had to put a simple, highlighting architectural beauty.

window treatments palladian windows
window treatments palladian windows

Palladian window treatments designated by the Venetian architect Andrea Palladio, the use of symmetry and classical motifs influenced by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Building Palladio (1508-1580) designed during the Renaissance, and the arch is a trademark of his work. Palladian window is displayed in the federal style of the popular 1780-1820. Federal-style public buildings and homes of rich merchants and ship owner’s era New England Often Appears the second floor window of the three parts of Palladio at the main entrance. Styles window is still used in apartment building.

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Designer Caroline Clifton-Moggs, author of Curtains “: A Design Source Book” shows that the Palladian window treatments with classic wooden shutters and discrete left open. Other treatments include straight rod to the ceiling with a simple window curtains on each side, roommate’s Allows the bow to show when they are open.

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